Butte College

Butte College Logo

Butte College Mission Statement

Butte College is a student-centered learning institution which provides quality education and support services, that are continuously evaluated and improved, to prepare students to be productive members of a diverse, sustainable, and ever-changing global society. We provide career and transfer pathways for students to become life-long learners and critical thinkers through the mastery of basic skills, workforce training, and the achievement of degrees and certificates.

Butte College Values

Students First: Student success is our purpose and drives decision-making and resource allocation.

Excellence: We strive to offer the highest quality in education and services through continual evaluation and improvement, and professional development.

Respect: We value each other and build trust by engaging openly with one another’s ideas, philosophies, and perspectives.

Diversity: We appreciate the attributes, capabilities and differences of each individual and we foster the social responsibility to create an inclusive institution that supports the success of all students and provides them with a global perspective.

Equity: We are committed to creating the institutional conditions that support student learning and achievement and result in a fair, just and welcoming campus community.

Communication: We are professional in our interactions and cultivate an open, collaborative environment of fairness and integrity.

Accountability: We are accountable to one another, for our responsibilities, and for developing critical thinking and civic engagement in our students. As responsible stewards of the public trust, we use our resources effectively to fulfill the mission and obligations of the college.

Sustainability: We promote and model practices that will result in positive outcomes for our human and natural environments and the long-term viability of the college.