Emergent 3D

Who We Are

We are a construction company based in Redding, CA, deploying cutting-edge construction robotics to create beautiful, dignifying, fire resistant and eco-friendly homes and commercial buildings.  3D printing technology opens up greater design possibilities versus traditional stick-framed construction, is available on-demand allowing for rapid on-site build times and is extremely efficient due to the design and 3D printed concrete material.

Why 3D Print a Home?

There is a nationwide housing crisis, with a need for more than 5.5 million homes at the time of this printing. Utilizing 3D printing technology can more efficiently aid in disaster recovery efforts for families in need, cutting the delivery time for a home by close to 30%. Additionally, because 3D printing utilizes concrete, we can provide these families with more fire-resilient homes. Lastly, 3D printing a home can help cut costs compared to traditional stick-builds, and it does so while allowing nearly infinite design opportunities.